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              EWIS DESIGN

                 EWIS (electrical wiring interconnection system) is a new concept released by the federal aviation administration (FAA) and the European aviation safety agency (EASA) in 2007, which wrote the new requirements of EWIS into the new FAR/CS airworthiness regulations (FAR25), and stipulate for civil aircraft in the process of design, manufacture, operation to meet the requirements of airworthiness examination. So-called airworthiness examination, is an examination of new-type aircraft in accordance with the airworthiness standards set in the application and acceptance. If it passes the examination, it will be awarded with "Type Certificate" (TC: Type Certificate), which represents that the aircraft’s security design meets the "minimum security requirement" of airworthiness standards. In law it means a governmental supervisory system through the approval of aircraft safety design to perform duties to the public.

                EWIS is short for Electrical Wiring Interconnection System, refers to a variety of wires, clamping devices, wiring devices or their combination installed in any area of the aircraft and used for power transmission between two or more client contacts (including data and signals).