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              OUR ADVANTAGES

                Qinhuangdao EWIS design team is a joint engineering team integrating wiring interconnection design, harness installation design, EWIS integrated design, EWIS components selection, etc. We also have EWIS design concepts and a profound understanding of EWIS design process, airworthiness compliance verification, safety analysis. In terms of harness manufacturing, we Integrate the files of ARJ, C series, Q400, partial Boeing, Airbus and the related international standards, which forms process specification of harness manufacturing. Our team provide wire and cable,connector,wiring harness assembly solutions.

              1. A deep understanding of airworthiness requirements, rich experience in aircraft types design, strong EWIS design capabilities and technical foundation;

              2. Rich experience in production of aviation wiring harness;

              3. Excellent factory environment and hardware facilities;

              4. Professional equipment and tools of wiring harness manufacturing and testing are all complete;

              5. Independent research and development: Multi data bus link auto-tester.