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                 The handheld or portable bus tester is a easy handle, fast and immediate, portable comprehensive bus tester. The tester is composed of two parts,the main machine and the slave machine. These testing protocols including: AFDX (Ethernet), Optical Fiber, CAN, 1553B, Arinc429, 422 etc. As the correct connecting between the tester and cable link under test, you just select the related protocol and then press the test button, the tester will tell you the cable link is qualified or not. 

              Technical parameters:

              Working humidity: 10%-90%

              Working temperature: 0 ℃ to 85 ℃

              Working voltage: DC 8.4V

              AFDX bus interface conforms to ARINC664 requirements;

              CAN bus interface meets ARINC825 requirements;

              1553B bus interface meets M17/176-00002 requirements.